Houston, we have a problem!

Before I get asked...

- I've triple checked.
- Followed instructions to the T as far as I can see
- 4096 databases
- using cPanel
- removed white space from db.php and closed php tag

When I access move blogs I get:

Houston, we have a problem!
Looks like you need to create your new db's! If you're lucky, this link still works - click me
Database Error: Access denied for user 'linkdir_wp'@'localhost' to database 'linkdir_wordpressglobal'

Would love to know where that 'click me' used to go, but more importantly, would love to get Multi-db working.

There are a few posts about this, so I've perused, and tried various things:

1. Someone suggested that cPanel '256 buggers' script was my solution... that in fact the user has not truly been assigned to the databases. That script is no longer online. But that may not matter as yet another person has posted that move-blogs.php does this very thing.

2. Another person mentioned that there needed to be at least one child site created with the Wordpress Network. Would love to give that a whirl, but as it stands I can't get to the site at all... 'Error establishing a database connection'.

3. Another suggested that the $newdb_prefix in move-blogs.php should not include a trailing underscore. I can't fathom how that would work since it makes some assumptions, but I tried it and it also failed.

4. Yet another had luck by changing their db password. No luck there either.

5. Finally, someone else somehow had luck using their cPanel username. Can't even imagine how that could possibly work, so I skipped that altogether.

So... does move-blogs replace the need for the "256 bugges" script? Should I simply be quadruple-checking? Or, should I be finding a way to manually add the user? Am I even close?