Hover state + 32px icons in CustomPress

I know. I’m asking a question instead of answering one. Weird huh?

My hope is that there is a simple solution to this query. I recently installed CustomPress on a client’s site because, hey, custom post type portability. What’s not to love? We’re re-building her theme and the plugin allows her to start on photo galleries now while I craft the other pixels. Sure, I could just call the same cpt.php file into both functions.php scripts but the GUI is very client-friendly.

I have a minor issue.

Normally I would use CSS to create a standard 16px icon, a color 16px icon, and a 32px icon for a post. If I were to guess, I’d say the icon sprite may look something like…


Seems legit.

Unfortunately, I’m only able to declare a standard 16px icon for the post type.


Well golly… that’s no fun.

I’ll spare you the code block and we’ll say the solution might look like this in other themes: http://wptheming.com/2010/11/how-to-use-custom-post-type-icons/

Now, I can either [a] just manually declare the post type as usual or do a style override instead of an icon definition but why resolve today what I can complain about tomorrow?

Wait that’s not right…

Why solve for myself today what we can put into the plugin for everybody else tomorrow?

Yes that makes much more sense.

I suppose the trick would be that you’d need four options in the admin:

1. Sprite location (please tie this into the media library. Seriously.)

2. Standard icon position (0x0 default)

3. Hover icon position (0x-16 default)

4. 32bit icon position (-16×0 default)

You’d have to allow changing the position for folks who want to put 7 custom post types into one sprite.

Anyhow, this is a feature that really ought to find its way into CustomPress, even if we declare 3 different images instead of working with sprites.

Any chance it either exists or is already on the way and all of my hot air was for nothing?