How a Coupon should be used

Hi there,

I’ve created a coupon in Marketpress but don’t see the options described in the usage instructions on the plugin page, which read;

“How should the discount amount be applied? – for this, you can determine whether:

1) a coupon should be applied to each eligible product, no matter what the quantity is;

2) a coupon should only be applied once per eligible product (e.g. if you’re ordering 10 boxes of chocolates, only the first box will have the discount applied to it)”

The only option I see is #1, above, but #2 is the option I need to use and it’s not there!

Can you help please because option #1 applies the discount to each product ordered, irrespective of how many and that isn’t appropriate, in this instance.

Kindest regards,

Steve Bimpson