How about a user manual

I love you guys and your plugins! However, I cannot seem to find any kind of user guide for market press beyond the install instructions. I mean... You show some nice theme elements between the images and the text. I cannot find any info on where the image should go. Is it just a matter of placing the image in the post and styling via css? If so, no problem but it would be nice if you could at least expand a bit how to set up a product. Both for beginners and experts. I can style this but if your themes already do this then I'd love to see it in action and know where to put the image so the theme will work with it. . So far, themes do not seem to matter.

So I write all of this and then fin your little tiny link to the text file that talks about custom styling and all the related php files for using market press. Wow.. tedious. This is kind of a manual...