How about a Webinar on WPMU Products!


There's no doubt that WMPU offers amazing products! But some of us don't understand the potential of them (i.e. your latest WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin.) As a business man and entrepreneur, I know there is huge potential in the product. However some of it is Chinese to me and my lack of familiarity on just how to go about using it keeps me from jumping on the opportunity. I would love to leverage this into my business! Could you guys come up with a webinar, or series of webinars, that show's examples of what it can do, how it's done, etc. I for one, as well as others I'm sure, would be all over it! And please record them so those who can not attend the webinars can view them later. It would certainly grow your business, and ours, in a big way! Thanks in advance!!!

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @jwchameleoncorp

    We have plans to make video tutorials for our plugins, esp the more complicated ones like the Membership and MarketPress.

    Webinar, hmm sounds good. But wouldn't that be more like a video tutorial? Membership plugin could use a webinar, no question about that. That's one mammoth of a plugin.

    Lets see what other folks say! Thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

  • jwchameleoncorp
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    Thanks for the reply! It's much more than a video tutorial. A video tutorial simply illustrates which buttons to click, how to navigate the interface, blah blah blah.

    However, a webinar talks about WHY I would want to use the plugin! The description on the plugins webpage is just enough to make me realize that there may be a business opportunity that I haven't considered, but it's way too incomplete for some of us to really understand how to apply it.

    How about a webinar that says "Hey, look what this can do for you!" with some existing examples, business ideas, etc. That will get my wheels turning on implementing the plugin for sure!

    Obviously, some of your plugins are self explanatory and more utilitarian in nature, so that sort of webinar wouldn't apply. However the WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin definitely has business potential.

    A video tutorial is certainly needed in order to use the plugin, but the webinar is much more than that. It talks about application. It shows the potential on what it can do for you!

    One thing is for would prompt alot more use of your products which would grow your business. Not to mention, the collaboration between WPMU and it's customers might spark more ideas!

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit


    You have some very good points there. Webinars could run on "How to Create a Membership Site with WPMU Dev" and so on. Giving out ideas on how to put the products to use than saying, how to use them.

    I like that part. Good thinking :slight_smile:

    Regarding the ideas from users, they always have them. Many features in our products come from our users :slight_smile:

    I will share this with the team and see what they think.

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