How about a WIKI or something similar to the WP Codex for WPMUDEV?

I have been here for a while and have been very impressed with the support and development. Some of you know I am working on a project now that uses several WPMUDEV plugins and I am fairly dedicated to the product.

One of the biggest shortcomings I have seen is the lack of solid, uniform documentation across the product line.

I'm wondering if you guys would be interested in starting and managing a WIKI similar to teh WordPress codex that covers all things WPMUDEV and could serve as a powerful reference for those of us who use your tools to forge a different path as well as those who just need to step off the path for a snippet.

Such a codex would also serve to provide a perspective for your developers to provide integration across the product line that would greatly simplify implementation and encourage the kind of dedication I am feeling.

While it would need to be staffed by employees as editor/contributors, you could use your customers as volunteer contributors to add information as they come across it. I know I could have contributed many pages over the last year if you had something like that. I also know there are several users who seem to have a flair for helping others and am sure they would contribute on a regular basis.

Chime in anyone with thoughts.