How about creating a website similar to

First of all, I wish you a great Happy New year! I have noticed after I registered at your site that you were giving an examples of; I was really amazed by this site, at first, I thought it was a site for one of your customers then I went to edublog to discover more about it, I registered at edublog for a free blog and all of sudden I noticed that you own ! :slight_smile: I was so happy and nervous at the same time.

The edublog is very similar to the idea that came to my mind before I even know about WPMUDEV and, my question is: how far can you go with your support to me in terms of plugins, themes, help contents, video etc... to build similar to edublog? But please keep in mind that my idea at is to cover more fields and not only education as edublog.

I am dreaming so big with, in fact your tutorials and your website WPMUDEV made me dream a way bigger then the initial stage. So, I know that all the plugins at WPMYDEV are GPL and you have really encouraged me to have all of them on the list.

I have few concerns though:

Is it really true that I can use all the plugins and themes you have used at edublog to have similar to it is so awesome to be true :slight_smile:

Can you share with me your experience at edublog? what about the themes, plugins, contents, and so on at edublog? the help contents at edublog is a key stone, Man I am selfish :slight_smile: just kidding! :slight_smile: but you Guys Beyond ROCK!!!

What about a nice best practice list for such project? for example, What are the main most important and must plugins should be installed and configured first for such project?

How about including Buddypress, does it conflict with other plugins?

A list from your experience with edublog to show a road map of must needed plugins and features would be Great! An advice regarding database provisioning, hosting resources, and conflict/error prevention strategies would be awesome! I have loaded some plugins, but frankly, I have no idea where to start :slight_smile: I'm in a sea of plugins and themes!

From my side i have nailed the idea down, and I got your plugins, themes, and tutorials, what left I believe is a Plugins Road Map installation order list. I think will be a huge success for both of us, as long as you can provide me with the guidance, tools, and help I need for such project.

Thank you all, your help and time are highly appreciated.

I look forward for your response at your earliest convenience.

Imad Daou