How about shortcodes for e-newsletter?

I really need the ability to add a shortcode for signups on our site so I can include the signup form in articles. Say something like [enews id=1]..."id" being the group # or group name?

While we are talking about features, I mentioned this in another post on here about "bulk management" for deleting newsletters, this would also be good for bulk management to delete members, by selecting all that apply and with one click they are deleted :slight_smile: ... Can you add these?

Thank you for the excellent support!

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the post.

    I will add this to the feature requests for the plugin, however i can't guarantee whether it will be added or not. if there's enough interest in it & people give their +1's then it will up the priority for adding it.

    hope this helps

  • Maniu
    • Developer


    Bulk deleting members is possible! Under eNewsletter->Members there is "bulk action" select menu under members table. You can select and delete multiple members:slight_smile:

    About the shortcode: its possible to use shortcode like this: enewsletter_subscribe with show_name and show_groups attributes - it can somehow solve your problem. I will look into displaying only selected groups.


  • Gary
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Maniu. Sorry for the slow response, been busy. How exactly do you mean for the shortcode to be used in an article?

    is it [enewsletter_subscribe] ? Is this built into your plugin already without me having to code anything to make it happen? Thank you for helping. Gary

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