How are you 'liking' our new 'Like' functionality?

So… you may have noticed that your posts here now have ‘Like’ links on them!

[if you are a logged in paid up member]

The idea behind this is to offer folk the chance to:

– Credit specific posts rather than authors (points are only for authors, not for posts)

– Give people a chance to leave quick feedback (I like this post!) rather than having to write a reply

– Make this place a funner and more interesting place to hang out

– Integrate it (shortly) with a Facebook-style notification bar (i.e. you’ll get notifications on that thread via a top bar rather than subscribing by email etc.)

When someone likes a post you’ve written you get an email – to prevent abuse this comes witha one-click unsubscribe option and also you get a maximum on one per/hour.

Also, when someone likes a post, their gravatar is then displayed, a la Tumblr, under the post itself.

Sounds cool?

Would love to know your feedback, ideas for improvement and all that jazz :slight_smile:

Cheers, James