How best to manage registered users for MarketPress

Yes, I am well. Thank you. :wink: And, no you may not have access to muck around in my settings.

I have been attempting to set up marketpress even though it seems from searching online that virtually nobody actually uses it. Even the plugin authors can’t seem to be bothered to write a decent Getting Started guide or provide a ReadMe file.

It seems like it should work okay for this site, for now, as long as I keep everything extremely simple.

Anyway, I was finally getting into testing the checkout process and I notice that it is throwing up an option to log in or checkout as a guest.

Oh, boy. That’s not simple.

For simplicity’s sake, and to not try to do anything marketpress cannot do, we planned on skipping all that and not saving any customer info for now. But, if we want to do that, marketpress makes checkout awkward and exposes our login area unnecessarily We have scoured the settings and can’t find any way to change it.

Question 1: If we don’t want to save customer info, can you describe which part of the code we’d need to change, e.g. which actions or filters we can tie into to change that behavior?

Then, we decided to go ahead and give customers the ability to register and login and have their address and other info saved for easier checkout, since marketpress seems to indeed have that ability.

Question 2: Does marketpress actually have that capability? Will it populate registered users address fields on checkout if logged in? What other integrations with the wp user system are provided?

Question 3: Which user profile altering plugins do you recommend to add profile and registration fields? I see that Membership 2 Pro can do it. But, it seems like overkill for this task.

Thank You!