How can admin post videos to a specific user?


I am looking at the activity stream plugin that allows users to post photos and videos in their update.
What I am really looking to accomplish with my site is this:
I need the site admin to be able to comunicate and share files - typically instructional videos that are specific to an individual user/member of the site. The user profiles need to be private and viewable only by the site admin and that user. Same thing with the files that get added that user's profile page.

I have been testing and figuring to use buddypress to accomplish the user profiles and your member plugin to make the site a paid membership site so that all paid members have access to all generic content. But then each individual user can request and purchase customized additional services (instructional videos made just for them) and the site admin would need to be able to post that video on that user's profile page and both the profile page and all the customized content needs to be private, not only private from the public part of the site but also private from the other members.

Buddypress is great but it seems very public and open. I am wondering if I can accomplish what I need to accomplish using BP, or if you think I should consider doing something different. When I saw your video plugin for activity streams I thought maybe I could use this, but it looks like this is more for the individual user to post stuff on their page and not necessarily for the admin of the site to post on that users page.

Any help, input and direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

  • mort3n

    Hi Steveo,

    Saw a plugin the other day (haven't used it yet) that seems like it could do what you need. Or at least get you started :slight_smile:

    This plugin says it'll let you create a standard WP custom menu linking to the pages you need:

    To solve your case, set up a page with the custom content and link to that via the custom profile menu.

    You would still need to set up the new page. One way to do this is to make a custom page template which includes the content you need.

    WP Codex

    Hope this gets you started :slight_smile:


  • aristath

    Hello there @Steveo, I hope you're well today!

    To only allow users to access their own profile page and not that of other users you'll have to edit the buddypress templates and probably add a conditional at the top that will check the user's ID against that of the profile page.

    From then on, it should be fairly easy to also edit the activities template file to do the same thing.

    Combine that with the (as always) excellent advise by mort3n above and you should be able to do what you want. :slight_smile:

    I hope that helps point you to the right direction.


  • Steveo

    Thanks for the help and input guys. This is helpful and will hopefully point me in the right direction.

    So the general consensus is that buddypress would still be required, right? Given the fact that the only communication taking place would be between the site Admins and each individual user, I wasn't sure if maybe there would be a different type of customized profile page plugin that might work better without the need for customizations.

    Just to clarify what I am doing with the site, in case it helps generate new ideas or tools that I am not thinking of or am unaware of - The site will be a membership site with a sports theme. Users will pay to access protected areas of the site where instructional videos will be located which will help them improve their skills in their sport. Then, they will have the option to to purchase customized online lessons in their sport. Users will take a short video of themselves performing their sport (1 minute video at most) and send the video to us via email or something similar rather than uploading to site, since that seems like it would get complicated. Our coaches will analyze their video and give them audio feedback (voice over on video) with other types of coaching illustrations, etc. Then the coaches will need to upload or at least embed the analysis video directly on that user's profile page and the user would need to be notified that their "lesson" is ready for them to view. The user navigates to their profile page on our site where their video lesson is waiting for them.

    I hope this helps explain a little better what I am trying to accomplish. You can see based on that description that all communication, etc. is taking place between the site admins and the individual user and the content (the analysis video) needs to be viewable by that user (and site admin) only.

    Based on all that description...are the suggestions from your posts above still a good starting point or do you think that maybe there is a better process out there?

    Thanks again!

  • mort3n

    Hi Steveo,

    Thanks for clarifying your objective. This really helps in providing you with appropriate advice!

    Based on your information, my two cents is that, BuddyPress is not the way to go. BuddyPress is basically about adding social networking to a site. That is not what you describe.

    I'd suggest using the Membership plugin to set up the protected content and access via subscriptions.

    For the customized advice I would recommend you to add front end profile functionality to the site. You could built it yourself or use a free or paid plugin. There are some available in the WP plugin repository. Also search the web. Here's an example (I haven't used it)

    To actually deliver the customized content you could set up a page template to embed all of the content for each user. To this end you could use a plugin to couple content and user. One example is

    Searching the web also provides information about this.

    This way you will be able to point all members to the same page where they will access only their own content.

    Information on making a custom page template is in the WP Codex

    Regarding the user input to your coaches it makes a lot of sense to me to handle this via the site as well rather than an email procedure.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


  • Steveo

    Hi guys,

    Wow! Thanks for the great feedback. This will be extremely helpful as I layout the plans for the site and what tools (plugins) to use to accomplish what I need to accomplish. I will definitely be checking out those plugins and will also do some searching around for other similar plugins - free or paid.

    Mort3n, I would like to figure out how to set it up so the user submits his video for analysis through the site too. That would be good. I resorted to the idea if just submitting the file via email because I was thinking it would get a little too complicated to set up the site in a way to allow uploads by the user. But I will look into this a little further too.

    Not using buddypress also opens up the door to do some different things with a theme as well, rather than being tied down to a buddypress compatible theme. Regardless of version 1.7, themes that were designed with buddypress in mind still look a lot better than those that were not.

    I was also thinking of looking around to see what type of e-learning or virtual learning education type plugins there are to see if any of those would apply. The more I was thinking about it, the site will basically have a teacher-student functionality about it. If there are any of those type of plugins around that would allow for individual "lessons" to each student, that might work too.

    Of course, I have to be careful to not get bogged down with all the different possibilities, but rather, find a good solution and then run with it!

    Thanks again for all your input - I truly appreciate it.


  • Steveo

    One more thing guys. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but isn't there a way for a logged in user to just simply view their own user profile page without being in edit mode? Looking at various profile plugins such as Profile Builder and others, the only shortcode they have is an edit profile link that sends you to the page where you can edit the info in the profile. I was hoping that there would be a way to just simply view your own profile page.

    You know how in buddypress, you can view your own profile without necessarily being in the edit mode - I am looking for something like that. Even on this WPMU site, I can view my own profile. Any simple way to accomplish this with these other profile plugins?


  • aristath

    BuddyPress is a monster of complexity and functionality.
    But you don't have to use everything... If you want to, you can only use the profiles! And that won't limit you theme-wise... All you have to do to get the profiles working is copy the member template files to your theme and edit them according to your theme's structure.

    Even on this WPMU site, I can view my own profile.

    Yeah, but we use bbpress for the forums here and that helps a lot when it comes to profile pages... :wink:


  • mort3n


    File upload
    For uploading files, this plugin, which I haven't used, looks interesting

    You could integrate this in your custom page template mentioned above.

    If you do choose to use BP, then you could integrate it in the profile menu by adding a custom tab and linking to a custom page template.

    Frontend profile
    There are plugins available for this as well. Search the WP repository for something like 'user frontend profile'.

    Again, you could do this with a page template as mentioned above.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


  • Steveo

    Thanks again for all the help.
    If I use buddy press only so I can use the front end functionality of the profile it seems like I would be adding a whole lot to site that could bog it down. Plus we get back to the privacy issue I think and I want all the profiles to be private and viewable only to the user and admins.

    @mort3n I found a plugin that might do what I am looking for - adding the customizable profile view on the front end. What do you think of this one -

    I will check out that plugin you mentioned with the user file upload.

    Thanks again.


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