How can admin post videos to a specific user?


I am looking at the activity stream plugin that allows users to post photos and videos in their update.

What I am really looking to accomplish with my site is this:

I need the site admin to be able to comunicate and share files – typically instructional videos that are specific to an individual user/member of the site. The user profiles need to be private and viewable only by the site admin and that user. Same thing with the files that get added that user’s profile page.

I have been testing and figuring to use buddypress to accomplish the user profiles and your member plugin to make the site a paid membership site so that all paid members have access to all generic content. But then each individual user can request and purchase customized additional services (instructional videos made just for them) and the site admin would need to be able to post that video on that user’s profile page and both the profile page and all the customized content needs to be private, not only private from the public part of the site but also private from the other members.

Buddypress is great but it seems very public and open. I am wondering if I can accomplish what I need to accomplish using BP, or if you think I should consider doing something different. When I saw your video plugin for activity streams I thought maybe I could use this, but it looks like this is more for the individual user to post stuff on their page and not necessarily for the admin of the site to post on that users page.

Any help, input and direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!