How can affiliates or blog owners (multisite) see


How can affiliates or blog owners (multisite) see the revenue of Ad Sharing?

How can network admin pay the blog owners the earnings from the ad sharing?

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  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey Vi,

    Hope you’re doing well today :slight_smile:

    I’m afraid that you missed the functionality of Ad Sharing plugin a bit here.

    There is no option for you to pay out the ad sharing users.

    Here is how this actually work:

    In your network admin you will enter your Google Ads code and subsite admin has an option to enter his Google Ads code.

    Now in network settings you can set Ad Sharing percentage.

    If you select Site 25% / User 75% then on your subsites your ads will be shown 25% of the time and subsite admins code will display 75% of the time and he is actually earning from that.

    Hope this makes sense and clears things up, if you have any additional questions let us know :slight_smile:

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  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Vi,

    I hope you’re well and don’t mind me jumping into the conversation.

    How can I show 25%-75% without paying the share?

    It’s not you that’s paying the share. Actually, nobody is paying any share’s here. An Ad Sharing plugin is letting you setup an ad displaying solution where you can decide how many times ads added by you (as Multisite Network owner/super-admin) are shown to visitor and how many times adds added by sub-site owners are shown.


    You (as a super-admin) set Ad Sharing plugin to show 25% of ads that you added to it and 75% of ads that sub-site owners added to it.

    Now for each 100 visits your ads will be displayed across your Multisite Network 25 times and sub-site owners ads will be shown 75 times.

    Actually, that’s all the plugin does.

    If it comes to revenue. If you setup your ads using Google AdSense, then for your 25 times out of 100 your Google Ads will be shown. Those are ads that you created on your Google AdSense account. If they earn anything for you, Google will pay you.

    Then, if sub-site owners also added Google Ads that they have created on their Google Ads accounts -> their ads shown 75 times out of 100 may earn something and it will be Google that will pay them directly.

    It’s not a requirement to use Google AdSense ads with this plugin. These can be any ads you wish: either “money making” (such as Google AdSense or Troudedoubler or Chitika etc) or just a simple images.

    That said, perhaps if you told me a bit more on what you wish to achieve I could suggest other solution for you.

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