How can configure where admins can view and reply to live chats?

I can't figure out how to respond to someone who's posting on live chat (I'm using the bottom corner chat). When anyone signs in to chat a message always populates stating that a moderater has closed the session?

I'm confused 1stly on where I, the site owner and other admins that will be responding to chats, goes to reply to live chat.

Secondly I don't know why on the user side I'm getting the moderator has closed the session message

Thanks ahead of time for your assistance on this


  • jim_meyer
    • Syntax Hero

    You need to set up a "Test account as a visitor" who would be using the chat, login the test user in one browser, lets say "IE" then log in as an "Admin with Moderator privileges for Chat" in another browser, lets say "Firefox". Now you can test the Chat back and forth between the visiter and the Moderator.

    Hope that makes sense. JIM

  • jim_meyer
    • Syntax Hero

    If you are the Moderator of the Chat just Login with Admin "Moderator privileges". Just leave the window open and you are in control of the chat as the Moderator. When using the chat you do not interact through the dashboard but through the front end of the site.


  • davidho
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Ah - so I have to be logged into the frontend to interact with visitors. Hmmm does WPMU offer anything that will port chats from the site over to say skype,msn,qq,pidgeon etc.?

    I was previously using Olark which allowed me to do that - was hoping this would be a suitable replacement :slight_smile:

    Again thanks ahead of time for your feedback - very much appreciated!!

  • davidho
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Well firstly thank you for aristath and jim for the feedback. I just wanted to voice my concern to WPMU that your presentation of the Chat plugin on:

    may be somewhat unclear and misleading.

    1. "Live chat"
    I understand their may be different understandings of what the term "live chat" means but from my experience having worked with live person and olark before and having worked in and around the web for about 5 years now "live chat" refers to having 1-on-1 live chats - not an open to the public live message board. Perhaps it is worth clarifying precisely the nature of how users and admins interact with the plugin in text or video to avoid this confusion?

    2. Nowhere in the video nor in on that page I've linked above is it explained clearly how to access the chat on the admin/site owner side. It does not explain where the admin needs to go in order to chat.

    I offer this opinion because I generally hold you guys in a very high regard in terms of quality of your products and services and I saw the lack of clarity and completeness of information on that page incongruous with my opinion of you guys.

    With much sincerity and appreciation! -David H

  • kwikkopydc
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Apparently they are currently working on a 1-on-1 private chat that could be used for customer service type inquiries.

    This plugin works like the group chat feature on All participants see all traffic. I agree that the documentation could be clearer about how this plugin works.

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