How can Facebook registration option be used when using a custom registration link?

I'm really enjoying the Ultimate Facebook plugin.

A couple of weeks ago, due to close to 100 splogger registrations/posts coming in a day on my single site wordpress, I added the Custom Registration Page plugin, which virtually stopped the sploggers.

For others who want to register, I'd like to be able to offer them them Facebook registration option that comes with Ultimate Facebook, but am not sure what to modify in the plugin so that it shows on the custom registration page.


On the regular login page, the Facebook login appears because I have not modified that page.

My question is, what is the recommended way to modify the Ultimate Facebook plugin so it works on custom registration pages?


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hello DBeeksma,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev! Its good to see you inside :slight_smile:

    There are ways to do it, but from what I got from the developer, if you are going to do it that way, its gonna be a lot of work and sad thing, you are gonna loose it all when you update the plugin. Integration this into the plugin is not an option since the "Custom Registration Page" plugin is not one of our products.

    But hey! Why do you need to use another plugin when Ultimate Facebook can keep away sploggers for you?

    Here is what you need to do. Go to Ultimate Facebook > Facebook Settings Page > Go to the Facebook Connect Tab.

    Enable "Allow users to register with Facebook" and "Force users to register with Facebook". See the screenshot attached. (Now make sure that you have entered the "Site URL" in the Facebook App page when you have set-up the plugin, or else you will end up seeing an error that says "That 'redirect_uri' isn't allowed for that client_id." (see the screenshot 2 for the location to enter the Site URL)

    What "Force users to register with Facebook" means is that, users will be taken to a form where they can optionally choose to Login with FB and fill up the form for them, or for users without FB account, can just full up the details and register like normal. This form has a CAPTCHA, that means "bye bye sploggers" :wink:

    (Now if you want users to MUST have a FB account, just tick "Require Facebook account", but I dont think you need that option, just saying)

    So now, the registration page has a CAPTCHA, and users can optionally register using their FB account, or the normal way, just some extra details, that is all :slight_smile:

    I hope I have answered your question well. Now you have a solution! Let me know if you need more help :slight_smile:

    Arun Basil Lal

  • DBeeksma

    Many thanks for the response, Arun!

    I actually thought of that after submitting the question and am going to set it up that way, but for those who want privacy instead of Facebook, they can contact us via a secure form and we'll set something up in the backend. Captcha has not worked for us at all for the sploggers. I guess that's the price you pay for a high traffic/pr site.

    Many, many thanks!

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