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How can I add tickets to the Events+?
I can't seem to find it.
And will a single user be able to purchase more than just one?
Thank you!

  • Nastia

    Hello KOSTANTINOS , I trust you are doing well today!

    How can I add tickets to the Events+?

    Do you mean like printable tickets?

    You can do this once you integrate the plugin with Marketpress plugin. Activate the plugin and navigate to Events > Settings > Add-ons and enable "Payments via MarketPress Products".

    The MarektPress products can be sold as downloadable, once you create a product, scroll down to Product Kind section and select "Digital Download". Enter a price and a File URL bellow. In File URL, insert a URL to the ticket.

    Create a paid event, select a product that you just created like it is shown in the attached screenshot:

    Let me know if you have any further questions.



      Hey there!
      Thanks for the reply!

      I don't need printable tickets. I don't need tickets at all to tell you the truth.

      What I need is for a user to be able to RSVP to an event for himself and additional people.
      So if there is a family of 4, only one of them will have to create an account and RSVP for everyone, instead of each member of the family individually registering to RSVP.

      Events+ could not do that, so I thought maybe I can achieve it with tickets.

      Does it make any sense?

      Thank you!

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