How can I add a custom field to my event+ listings?


I am trying to figure out how to add a simple text entry or radio buttons to my event listing. In theory, I would like to have registrants sign up for the event in the way wpmu has developed events+ to handle event signups, but I would like assistance in expanding this signup process to require the registrant choose a T-Shirt size and somehow we can capture that data. I understand this is an expansion/customization and may not be applicable to wpmu support but I would love to hear if its even possible and how to do it?


  • Alexander

    Hi @Caleb,

    This does sound like custom development would be needed, but I do have some ideas for you. To start, we don't undertake custom development, but you're welcome to checkout our job boards if you need to hire a developer:

    That being said, I can still provide some insight into how you could do this. I'd look into using the eab-rsvps-rsvp_form filter that is supplied by Events+

    By hooking that filter, you can append (or prepend) content to the RSVP form. This would allow you to easily include some additional HTML for a T-shirt drop down select.

    These actions can be used to access to handle logic after the form is submitted: incsub_event_booking, incsub_event_booking_yes, incsub_event_booking_maybe, incsub_event_booking_no

    So you'd first add the HTML with the filter, then you could simply tie into the "yes" action and use that to record the t-shirt size.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @Caleb,

    I'm not active in the job boards, and I don't take on custom work. However, I'd gladly offer some insight on plugin development. Here's a bit of reference info that should help you.

    I would recommend getting started by looking at the code of a few plugins. You'll get an idea of how they work.

    Throughout Wordpress, we have what are called "hooks" and we can attach our own code to these hooks to do whatever we like, without modifying the original code. Many plugins (like Events+ ) have their own hooks setup to allow for extending the plugins further.

    There are two basic kinds of hooks: Actions, and Filters. Here are the Wordpress codex pages for each.

    Action hooks allow you to designate code that will run at a certain point in time. This means we can wait for certain things to happen first, or get code placed exactly where we need it. For example, there is a hook called wp_head which is called by a theme with the <head> tags are setup. This hook is used to setup resources to be placed in the document.

    Then there are filter hooks. These are used when we are about to use a particular value, but want to be able to change that value depending on other circumstances. For example, there's a filter called "the_content" It's used when a post is created. You can add a filter to the content to change what gets displayed in a post. You code could add something to the beginning or end, or censor words, and this hook is used by Wordpress itself to process shortcodes.

    Action and Filter hooks are everywhere. Once you understand them, you can think of ways to make just about anything happen anywhere via plugin code.

    Best regards,

  • Caleb

    Hi! Thanks for all of the support you have already given! I'm doing to try to do what I am about to explain myself, but will be referencing back here in case I fail to accomplish it.

    I have a form that I made with the Gravity Form plugin. I can utilize a shortcode and have it displayed just about anywhere I want to. Where would I need to place this shortcode so when the visitor clicks "I'm Attending" this form gets displayed? This will function hopefully like the "Login with Facebook" "Login with Twitter" are displayed after such action. Sounds like this would be a conditional statement/PHP related? "If yes, show this" type of thing?

  • Alexander

    Hi @Caleb

    In that case, something like this might be useful:

    function custom_booking_yes_content(){
    echo do_shortcode('[yourshortcode]');

    I haven't tested this, but from what I can tell Events+ already does conditional logic for you. Then it exposes the action hooks that you can use to run code at those points of execution.

    Best regards,

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