How can I add fonts to the body and header font list?

How can I add fonts to the body and header font list on the Gallery theme?

  • Tammie

    Adding fonts is not something that is easy to do because of what machines support what fonts. The process is easy the implications are not. The ones we provide both use google fonts (a custom function is required for this) and all of the fonts that work across all machines.

    With regards to fonts online you have several options now aside from Google but all require scripting. There is still the fact that to work on every machine your visitors or users may have you have a limited number of fonts and all those we list.

    We therefore advise adding to the list via child css or use fall back fonts like this:

    font name, font fallback... you can see how we declare them for examples.

    As a result we keep the font lists in the parent theme and not able to be done through the child theme and parent theme methods. If you do add to those lists (all core files are found under library/functions/ they will get over-written on updates.

    Hopefully you can see now why we suggest you don't add to the list - we want to ensure that all your users have the same experience hence offering those fonts. There is a lot of changes going on with fonts online though so plenty of options now to extend fonts. Us using Google fonts is just an example of this.

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