How Can I Add PHP to the Ultimate Branding Header Content?

Dear Team WPMU:

Okay, here's the deal:

I'm using a plugin called "Shortcode Exec PHP" to transform snippets of php into shortcode.

So, for example, I've created a shortcode called [search_form_global] that uses a php include command to pull in the local search field.

You can see the shortcode in action on the following page:

Password: searchTest

In essence, this shows that the shortcode works.

Now, when I try to put this shortcode in the Ultimate Branding Header content, it does not pull in the search form, but instead shows the shortcode text: "[search_form_global]"

So my questions are:

A. Is there a way to activate short code that is embedded in the Ultimate Branding Header Content box?

B. If not, how can I embed php code?

C. If neither, then how can I "widgetize" the Header Content area so that I can add a search widget.

I look forward to your reply. Many thanks for your help!