How can I add "View Next/Previous Month" in Appointments Plus?

Hi -
I have a booking calendar nearly ready to go using Appointments +. The one thing I need is the ability to let the user view previous or future months with arrow buttons. How can I do this? Currently it is only showing the current month.

  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    you could use the shortcodes to achieve this.



    Inserts pagination codes (previous, next week or month links) and Legend area.

    Number of weeks or months that selected time will increase or decrease with each next or previous link click. You may consider entering 4 if you have 4 schedule tables on the page.
    Example: [app_pagination ... step="1"]
    If entered 1, step parameter will mean month, otherwise week. In short, enter 1 for monthly schedule.
    Example: [app_pagination ... month="1"]
    This is only required if this shortcode resides above any schedule shortcodes. Otherwise it will follow date settings of the schedule shortcodes. Default: "0" (Current week or month)

    for instance

    shortcode such as this on the page will create an appointment page that looks like (screenshot 1) with the next month link at bottom which as i used pagination step="2" will step up 2 months at a time

    [app_services] [app_service_providers]
    [app_monthly_schedule][app_monthly_schedule add="1"]
    [app_pagination step="2" month="1"]

    hope this helps.

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