How can I allow a user to change their role after using social login to register?

Okay ... I have a unique situation.

I created a Buddypress website for a client. I am using Gravity Forms and the User Registration add-on instead of the stock Buddypress registration. The reason I am doing this is so I can allow a user to pick their own "person type" (aka User Role), and depending on the user role, they get different profile fields to fill out. I am then mapping those fields to the Buddypress profile.

This is all working great, however, my client requested something that throws a monkey wrench in. She wants users to use Social Login to "register" ... basically this skips the entire Gravity Form registration goodness I have setup.

So, conceptually, what I came up with is that I can probably have control over the redirect page when a person used social login. If this is the case, my thinking is that I redirect to a page with a shorter form that allows them to pick their user role before continuing.

So, my question after a long-winded explanation:

Since the social login probably picks some kind of default role through the "social registration" process ... is there a way to have a user CHANGE the role using a submission form?

I hope this is all understandable. If you have other suggestions, I am all ears.

Please help! :slight_smile: