How can I allow a user to create a new site automatically on signup?

When a new user creates a site on our network, instead of them typing in their own site address on signup, it is possible that a site ID could be automatically generated for them? Would like to up sell them at a later stage to their own unique site name. So on signup their web address becomes something like and later on they could change it to Because WP creates a new site ID in blogs.dir, perhaps this is possible to use that ID?

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    I'd like to offer some constructive criticism on this idea. I hope you don't's meant in a positive light.

    In today's world, with so many people aware of the value of a good domain name and SEO, I think that many users might not be interested in a numerical (or otherwise arbitrary) site name.

    I know you're looking for a way to create an upsell situation, however the non-upsell version might be too unattractive for some people. You can still create a similar upsell situation by allowing people to enter their own site name as usual, but also offering them the chance to map a regular domain to their site. So, the non-upsell version would be:

    The upsell version would be selling the person their own domain and mapping it to their site on your WordPress multisite installation, e.g.:

    If you're not already set up to sell domain names, it's very easy to do.

    This gives two great options, and can be controlled from the Supporter plugin if that's what you're using.

    Just my .08 worth.


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    Thanks Mark, appreciate your input

    It's a site where many user profiles will be created, kind of like a dating site where you see a random ID at the end of the URL. I guess this is so two people with the same name can sign up. I'm imagining two people called Dave may want to have and the second Dave to sign up may be a little put off if they had to settle for /Dave2. By having a unique ID I could bypass this problem and then up-sell them to at a later point.

    Probably a bit long winded though so I see your point. Perhaps it's still better to just leave it as usernames if need be they can upgrade to the domain mapping via the supporter plugin. I haven't had a chance to play with the supporter plugin, but will install it now and have a go. Thanks for your help!

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