How can I allow users to embed/upload an image into their Activity Stream?

I assumed this was a simple task, but it seems that it is impossible to allow users to add a photo/image to their Activity Stream as they also enter a message?

I installed BP-TinyMCE, but it apears to not work -- all the input fields have no WYSIWYG interfaces on them, so it appears ot be a broken plugin?

I also have BP Album+ installed, and I like it, but it does not provide the same easy functionality as the ability to directly upload/embed an image in the Activity Stream would have.

Any thoughts on how to do this? Is there a plugin for this that I missed?

  • Saunt Valerian

    To start, take a look at oEmbed for BuddyPress. I've been using it on my site and it has been working very well:

    It extends the built-in oEmbed that comes with WP to the BP activity stream.

    I did try out BP Album+ and the related BP Media plugin but found them both to be really lacking in numerous ways. Development seems slow and fixing bugs/conflicts was a pain for me. The BP media plugin seems to be eternally stuck in Alpha and has become so laden down with features that I'm not sure it will ever get the polish needed to be released as a stable plugin. I eventually opted to use the premium BP Gallery plugin from Buddy Dev.

    It is far more polished and complete, and Brajesh has written plugins that extend the usability of them.

    This solutions I'm offering here allow your users to embed photos and media from external websites, but also give them the ability to create their own galleries (on your server) to store and embed images and media into your activity stream.

    IMO, the two plugins combined give you an image/media solution for BP that is complete and thorough. However, I would love to see what solutions other people have!

    As for WSYWIG, there is no solution yet for the activity stream. Tiny-MCE doesn't work, nor does CLeditor. Everyone seems to be focusing on getting that functionality setup for BP/BBpress forums, but ignoring the activity streams. Anyhow, there always seems to be a lot of overhead involved with those true WYSIWYG editors. I have tried the Markitup! plugin (which is what I want to have working because it is more lightweight), which gets the toolbar setup in the activity, but I couldn't get it all to work properly.

    I certainly would love it if the WPMU team would put some of their skill into getting Markitup! working with BP.

  • paperweight

    Yes, I have oEmbed installed and I like how it works -- very easy for my users to just copy in a URL from Youtube.

    However it still only pulls 3rd party data, so it's still not possible to create a self-contained ecosystem to upload/attach/embed pics into the Activity Stream so easily.

    @masonjames : I'm really really looking forward to this functionality -- it will allow a lot more communication for my members.

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