How can i ask users to put a email [after they register] mandatory

I have a plugin which author doesn't take him anymore but for my is usefull,this plugin allow to make a new account with oauth and openid from It's a game... all good until here but after they make new accounts from that game they doesn't have an email , just a name
My question is : If i give you the code can you tell me what I can do to him ? or there is any plugin that can ask mandatory for an email after they make the account ? I don't want users with an account on website without an email.
I hope I explain good.

  • Michael Bissett
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    That integrates with the plugin you're using? I'm doubtful of that, but I think it best to first mention how I'd understood your question here:

    I have a plugin that the author doesn't support anymore (but for me, it's still useful), this plugin allows a user to create a new account with oAuth and OpenID from this site:

    It's all good, until a user makes an account from that game, as he doesn't have an email address. Just a name.

    If I give you the code, can you tell me what to do to fix this? Or is there a plugin that can make the providing of an email address mandatory? I don't want to have users with accounts on my site that have no email address.

    Is my understanding of the situation correct here? If so, then based on that:

    - For one, I should note our custom development policy, which can be reviewed over here:

    - Bearing that in mind, this doesn't sound like a quick affair, and the fact of the matter is that I'd have to take a good chunk of time to learn how this plugin works its magic (from a code perspective).

    - As for bringing in another plugin, that also brings in this question: will it integrate with your plugin's registration process?

    My guess here is no, but once again, knowing that 100% is going to require learning how this other plugin works, and that's definitely going to take some time (and there's that custom development policy of ours again).

    That's where I'd advise posting a job for this on our Jobs Board, seeing as it is a plugin useful for your purposes, and this adjustment in the plugin is something that you're going to need (seeing as the author no longer supports it).

    Kind Regards,

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