How can I assign different headers and main menus for sections of site?

I'd like to differentiate 5 different sections of a site using a different background for the header and a different main menu. Not sure if the Jonoradio Multiple Themes plug in is the way to go or using Multisite or creating 5 different header files...

  • steeleroo
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    Our site is very deep and has tons of pages. So we'd like to break it up into 5 sections for the different age groups of the school, but keep the entire site managed out of the same Wordpress Admin area. See the attached mock ups that show a different main menu and header background image. The top menu could be a secondary menu or hard coded into the header doc. This will link to the 5 different main sections of the site. I'd like a way to assign which page top a page or post will use, based on what section of the site it is - all school, Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School or High School. Since nothing beside the header background image and the main menu will change, I'd rather not switch those pages to a different theme (i.e. using Jonoradio Multiple Themes). If we can assign the page it's page top (menu and header) on the page editor, that would be fine. Or, if I can use an if-then statement in the header to chose a different menu and background image, based on the prefix of the URL, that might work best.
    I'm just hoping there is a fairly straightforward solution for doing something like this. If not, there should be!

  • Ash
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    Hello @steeleroo

    I am afraid, there is no straight forward solution. The easiest way is to create a multisite and 5 subsites within in it. So you can use same themes in all subsites but different menus, header or whatever you want in different subsites.

    But in that case, you have to create the subsite related pages in the corresponding subsites.

    Please let us know what you think about it.


  • steeleroo
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    But I'm still hoping to find a way to do this without Multisite.
    I suspect I can create a conditional statement in the header that says:
    "if page prefix=middle, then use the middle school page top
    if = lower, use the lower grades page top.
    Or just have this determine which menu to use, and I could use CSS for the header background gradient image.

    Any recommendations?

  • Andre Foisy
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey there @steeleroo

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Check out this article and review about "jonradio Multiple Themes" from our blog, that could give some more tips, and possible work around to help you achieve your goal.

    This one here as well is very interesting:

    This article here might reveal itself to be very useful, as well:

    As mentioned above by Ashok, there's no straightforward solution, but still there are many possibilities to achieve this somehow, and make run with a bit of oil and grease. :wink:


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