How can I auto-generate a message for a new registered user?

I'm setting up a service whereby I'll be emailing back and forth with a new member of a site. The Messaging plugin is going to perfect for this.

What I'd like to do is auto-generate the first message from me upon registration of the account.

I'm using a membership plugin that can notify a URL on registration so is it possible to do it this way?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hello, Paul Foster Marketing!

    Happy Saturday!

    I know our Automessage will send a hello email on registration, but if I understand you correctly, you'd like to keep all of this within messaging itself, correct?

    Can I ask which membership plugin you're using? I'd like to read up on how they handle pings (contacting URLs) so I can steer you in the right direction.


  • Paul Foster Marketing
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Michelle!

    I'm using S2Member.

    I'm aware of AutoMessage, and of course I can overwrite the default WP message with S2Member as well, since this 'welcome' is sent by default anyway.

    What I will be doing is setting up a number of things for the client (member of the site), and then will be keeping them updated on progress and requesting other info etc.

    I can see that using Messaging is going to be a great way to do this, and could obviously just manually send them the first message, but since the first message is always going to be the same for each new client, it would be great to do this automatically on registration so I don't have to do anything until they reply.

    I can't start until they answer the first message, but ideally I don't want them to have to wait for me to login and send that first message as soon as they've signed up - especially if I happen to be asleep when they register.

    It's doable manually of course, but I just wondered if it could be done automatically by pinging the site, since I will have the username in the form %%username%%.

    Hope this helps with understanding my request.

    Thank you


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Thanks, Paul! The details are very helpful.

    I played around with this on my site with our Membership, and tried to create a ping that would trigger Messaging, and I couldn't make it work.

    I do think it's a brilliant idea to include the option for an automessage on registration, and one that should be a part of Messaging out of the box, in my humble support tech opinion. : )

    I'm going to flag the dev with a feature request, and drop this thread into our Features & Feedback forum where it will be easier for our devs to notice.

    Thanks for your patience, and I really like this model you're using.

  • Paul Foster Marketing
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thank you Michelle.

    Thinking about this from a wider perspective, and following on from your thoughts about this needing to be "out of the box", I'd like to suggest their be an option in the notifications settings when admin is logged in to 'send notification on registration' with a box to edit the default text, which if we are thinking broadly from the site admins giving their users the best experience would be an "onboarding" message.


    Welcome to your Messaging system in admin area of SITENAME.

    You can use Messaging to send a message to any other registered user of our site simply by typing their Username in the 'To' box.

    And if you have a question or need any support with anything on SITENAME, then please send a message direct to me at ADMIN USERNAME and I'll be happy to help.

    Best regards.


    In summary, as well as the usual default WordPress registration/login emails, if the plugin is active and 'send notification on registration' has been set by admin then the user will get a notification of the welcome (OnBoarding) message on registration asking them to login to read it.

    Finally, as a further request, when
    Logged in as Admin, please could I have the option to click a button that saying 'send message to all users' so I can broadcast a message to all my users.

    Great for notifying changes in T&Cs, major site changes, updates/ news of a special offer, or other news important to all users.

    The key thing with Messaging is users have to login to read the message - which gets them back to the site!

    The plugin is marketed from the point of view of users contacting other users, yet could easily be so useful for site admins too with the addition if the two simple admin only features.

    Also, dear developer, if you've been reading this carefully you may well have noticed that this simple and very clever Messaging plugin, with these to simple feature additions turns means this plugin could do the basic things that you'd need too other plugins to do.

    You see, with these two features added, you not only have a Messaging plugin for users, but you also have a basic Support plugin by auto sending a message on registration telling users this is how to contact Admin, and a Newsletter plugin by having an Admin 'send message to all users'.

    Thanks for your help on this Michelle. Let's hope the developers can see how much more useful this great plugin could be with my two simple feature requests.

    Best Wishes.


    (And all done over the weekend!)

    PS: I've only looked at this from a single site option since my original request was for use on a single site, but that site is actually part of a network I run and it would be great if when logged in as super admin I could have the same two features above: 'notification on registration' to the site admins in the network saying how to get in contact for support and with a 'message all admins' button sending a broadcast/newsletter/offer to all site admins in the network.

  • Paul Foster Marketing
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I agree. Having an auto message on registration for Support System would be great.

    In order to do what I will be doing :

    I need to use the Automessage plugin to send out a welcome email to a new user to tell them to login into the site and send me a support ticket answering the first question, and to register for my newsletter using the Newsletter plugin. I can then use the support system to keep them updated with the progress of the service I am providing the user and the Newsletter plugin to keep all users updated with important thing re the service I am providing.

    Basically they are all just messages, and it would be great to just have a Messaging plugin that could automessage all new users, receive messages back re questions/support and broadcast a message to them all with out having to use three different plugins (all of which are great for their individual needs, but much more than I need for this current one site project.)

    Maybe I should be looking into plugin development and see it I can get the various bits I need from all three and put them together into one. :slight_smile:

  • Paul Foster Marketing
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    And Automessage doesn't allow for using the first name....

    @Michelle, thanks for your support, but I think I'll need to go back to using my autoresponder account to send the first message automatically, and then deal with everything about setting up the service via regular email.

    Shame really.

    I thought I would be able to use WPMU DEV plugins to automate this more and keep the whole thing in the site. :slight_frown:

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Paul,

    Hope you're doing well today and appreciate all your feedback and suggestions here!

    I think I'm all caught up, a fairly lengthy thread, so I apologize if I missed any details.

    It does sound like support system would work well for what you are wanting here; unfortunately, yes it is only to be network activated inside a multisite. I believe this was the original design/plan for the plugin - to provide support to your site owners, then it was altered to work with single site as well.

    If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to send an automatic message on sign up, then also allow your users to reply back with support question or answers to a question and have the ability to broadcast out messages? I think it would be a really cool integration; however, not something that has been requested that often.

    Perhaps using Mailchimp would work here? It can handle broadcasting of messages then also since you are using Pro Sites, you can activate the Premium Support module which allows users to direct message/email you through the dashboard. You could mention that in the automessages perhaps?

    You could use our Mailchimp Integration plugin. or this one here is quite popular as well:

    Another idea is Mailpoet:

    Just throwing some other ideas out here :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps Paul! Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

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