How can I automate creating a group with specific content inside buddypress?

Initially I want to be able to automate creating certain groups, the name and description will be grabbed from a post and the rest of the group settings would be set to a default value. Let me explain a bit further.

What i want happen is when a users is logged in and writes a new post update when they click the submit post button there are two actions that happen; the post goes to the activity feed and a group is created. The group created would get it's name from the user who submitted the post and the group description would come from the post content itself. The rest of the group settings would just inherit a set of default settings.

I'm assuming the easiest way to create the group would be by sending those selected perimeters to the database (i.e. logged in users name, post content, etc) and writing some custom php, javascript and AJAX. But i'm a bit lost at the moment. I've been at this for days trying to figure out how to figure this out.

Thank you for the help,