How can I backup my course settings? units, text, structure

Hey guys, I'm new to Snapshot Pro and I'm publishing a course that is taking a while to configure, add info, structure the whole thing, my questions are:

* Is there an option on Snapchat Pro where I can backup all of those settings in case I have some server problems?
* Can I backup my course settings directly to my computer via FTP?
My goal is to have a local and online backup in case some problem comes up.

in the backup options I see this

* Do not include files
* Include common files: Themes, Plugins, Media (wp-content/uploads)
* Include selected files:
* Dropbox Only - Select Archive or Mirroring option for this Snapshot.
* Archive - (Default) Selecting archive will produce a zip archive. This is standard method for backing up your site. A single zip archive will be created for files and database tables.
Mirror/Sync - Dropbox ONLY Selecting mirroring if you want to replicate the file structure of this site to a Dropbox destination. You can include Database tables. If selected they will still be send as a zip archive to the destination root folder. There is currently no restore with this option

not sure which option to use for what I want.

Thanks in advance for your answer !