How can I blog with this theme?


I'm having problems with your Gallery Theme. I'd like to be able to blog with it as well as create galleries. It shows me that I should be able to do this, but your instructions are faulty.

You'll see here when you visit my page, that it only gives a link to an "example exhibition." No blog post that I create gets listed here.

(There is a static front page and my "blog" page is listed as my blog as is usual.)

Within the "Dashboard -> Gallery Theme -> Help and Support" section, under the FAQ question "How do I create a news page of my blog posts?" the listed answer is:

"Step one: Create a new page and assign the page template 'Blog news'. " (There is no step two by the way.)

That's where the instructions fail, because the only page templates that mention the word "blog" are:

"Blog Content"
"Blog Excerpt"

Neither of these two options work. When either of these are selected for my "Blog" page, the page does not show a blog post stream.

Why not?

Note: I doubt that you'll be able to guess the answer to this without installing Gallery Theme yourself to check it out.

I've been working on this for a week. Please come back to me as soon as you are able.

Best regards,

P. S. I posted this exact notice a few days ago. There wasn't any reply notices and I can't find it now. So now this is even more urgent. :slight_frown: