How can I book 6 clients to one time slot and provider?

Our business needs to book groups of people into one time slot with one service provider. E.g. We want to book up to 6 clients to participate in a group singing session. Please can you tell me how to do this? I've literally just purchased your plugin for this reason, so would be grateful for your advice on how to proceed.


  • Vaughan

    Hi cheryl,

    Hope you're well?

    This could get complicated a little.


    Create 6 service providers & check the box for dummy provider against 5 of those

    Then in the general setting tab

    Dashboard > appointments > settings > general

    Scroll down to accessibility settings.

    Select the provider that isn't a dummy provider in the drop down for the assign dummy to provider option. (screenshot 1)

    Now that provider will receive all the emails and bookings for each of the other 5 dummy providers.

    Now when you create you service, set the capacity to 6, making sure that the service providers are all assigned to that service.

    Now set the same working hours for each dummy provider.

    Once done, you should now be able to make 6 bookings for the same time slot for just the one provider.

    Note, you can't actually add 6 appointments in 1 go, they would still need to be made 1 at a time, so if they're paid appointments, it would be 6 seperate payments.

    Hope this helps

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