How can I change my top menu to on 'click'


I am in need of some help. I would like to change the top menu so that they submenu drop downs (mega menus and normal menus) respond on click, not as it currently is; on 'hover'.

I was instructed to change some code in the custom.js in thens folder in the theme folder:

$et_top_menu.find( 'li' ).hover( function() {

$et_top_menu.find( 'li' ).click( function() {

When I replaced it in my child theme it did not work; it remain in the hover state. When I added it to the main theme folder; most of the menu items in the drop downs disappeared (only the headers in the top of the submenu remained.)

I took the js file out of the main theme so I could see the menu, and left the other one in the child theme.

My url is: