How can I change only text in the Admin Section (using the Text Replace in Branding) and not Posts

I replaced the word WordPress using the Ultimate Branding plugin, and now I realize that it actually replaces the word WordPress even in pages and posts!

I just wanted this for branding purposes and not for front end. Is there a way to go about getting this result.

Hoping yes :slight_smile:

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  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    When you don't make the change specific to a text domain then it will make a global change. You can fix this by either using a text domain or being more specific with the wording so for example a whole like "Network Wide Text Change" to something like "Network Wide Text Changing".

    If you wanted to change the WordPress brand in the footer:

    Thank you for creating with WordPress. Version 3.9.1

    You could instead use this:

    Thank you for creating with <a href="%s">WordPress</a>

    That will replace the whole line for you. It's more specific then and shouldn't affect your articles.

    You mentioned changing the name WordPress on the backend but still have it in the front end, I guess I'm confused as to why you would want to obfuscate the WordPress branding if you only plan to blog about it anyway.

    Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

  • Paul

    Hello Timothy,

    I thought this was the Ultimate Branding Plugin, used to re-brand WordPress. Me wanting to re-brand does not mean that no one on our platform can mention the word WordPress or that no one would be allowed to Blog about WordPress.

    Unfortunately I don't understand what you are telling me to do. So, how do we go about using this plugin to re-brand rather than annihilate a word across the whole network?

    Hope you can help,

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  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hiya Paul,

    Hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    Currently Ultimate branding with it's text change module would replace front-end and admin side text. Timothy's suggestion was to be more specific and replace a phrase.

    For example if you see "WordPress version 3.9.1), you can change that text to anything you want, so rather than targeting just the word WordPress, you are targeting the whole phrase, if this makes sense? :slight_smile:

    Any issues at all, we're here to help.


    Kind Regards

  • Paul

    Hey Jack!

    Doing pretty good and you?

    I understand how this can work as a workaround, but actually imputing full phrases. This does not help though when it comes to replacing text in descriptions (plugins and so on)...

    In any case, I'll just live and work with what is here. Just thought I'd mention that maybe having an option for back end and front end and seperating both would be great! I mean for the front-end we have the plugin which blocks certain words, but who would want to replace text written by people on the front end?!

    Hehe, just hoping this can be tweaked eventually :wink:

    Thanks for getting back to me on this Jack!

    Best Regards,