How can I change some (simple) google maps settings?

Hello community,

I have some questions for the Google Maps plugin. Is it possible to hide or disable the footer (agm_mh_footer) of the map? I don't want any calculations visible, how you can reach me ... lol. Is it also possible to show other google maps icons or custom icons? Or can I change the size or the color of the icons?

Thanks for your help.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Arnim Pommeranz,

    you can add the following to the CSS, either in the theme style.css Or in the custom CSS area in the google map settings Dashboard > settings > google maps

    .agm_mh_footer {
        display: none;

    I don't think you can change the size or the icons though as these come from google through their API. But let me just ask the developer for some clarification on that just in case.

    Hope this helps

  • Philipp Stracker

    Hey Arnim,

    the CSS from Vaughans response above is exactly what you need to hide the footer area. However, I suggest to also edit your map and disable the Marker List. Then the agm_mh_footer area should be empty and you don't even need to hide it anymore.

    To do this: Edit the post > Click on the "Add map" icon above the content area > Click "Preview/Edit" for the map > Click "Map options" > There you find "Marker List" in the top area, uncheck the checkbox, then click OK and Save changes!

    For the marker-icons: You can choose from a predefined set of icons for each location. Just edit your map ("Preview/Edit" popup) and then click on the blue marker on the preview map. You get a small info layer where you can edit the title and description of the location. In this layer you can also click on the marker-icon to choose a different icon. Is this what you need?
    Other options include:
    - AddOn "Featured image as map marker". The marker image is defined by the posts featured image.
    - AddOn "KML overlay". You can define your markers inside a KML file (special geo-data format). Inside the KML file you can use any icon you like. However this is a rather advanced solution. Also the markers are defined in the KML file and cannot be changed in the WordPress editor.

    Here's a gread article about using KML files:

  • Arnim Pommeranz

    Thanks for your help. You helped me a lot. Still, I find this way very awkward and would find it better if you could make these settings already in the plugin (simple selection). I have searched the .js files of the plugin. There you could specify the icon size google.maps.Size (32,32) in the file google_maps_user.js. It would be better if you could take these settings already in the plugin. In the img folder of the plugin you will also find all the icons of the plugin. If you add your own icons into the folder, they are displayed in the plugin. Would they be overwritten when you update the plugin? Has Google an own icon collection?

    Again. Thanks for your help. Everything work now ... but a little bit to complex, in my opinion.

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