How can I change the background and header of an e-newsletter template?

Hi, just wanted to ask if it is possible to remove the header/background files and replace them with files of my own?

I did this with some success and on the preview of my newsletter, everything shows up perfectly, with my new images in place.

However, when I send the email and open it, I see no background or header, just the text of the email.

Could you give me basic directions on how to proceed? Thank-you!

  • Dean Kaus

    Hello @brittany_tack How I customize my templates for e-newsletter is to edit one of the existing templates in the email-newsletter-files/templates directory. I use photoshop or you can use another program if you like. Make sure to save it with a different name and upload to the same location as the other templates. I also keep a copy on my local computer in the event that an update to the e-newsletter overwrites all of the files.

    Hope this helps!

  • corrado_izzo

    @ Dean Kraus

    What is it that you edit in Photoshop ? the Jpeg File or the Html File.

    It is not clear to me.

    I have the problem that i do not want the "from" to be displayed.

    The basic issue that i am having is that this newsletter templates are not easily
    customized by someone that is a non coder.

    The whole plugin lacks some basic customization functionalities.

    This customization functionalities should be as easy as drag and drop.

    Just some examples :

    1.: Adjust and Edit fonts size and Type for Header.
    2.: Post Excerpts directly displayed into post including pictures (by choice) The process followed in 90 percent of the cases is that you send out an excerpt of a blog post you wrote in order to get people back to the blog.

    If i invested time and energy in creating the content i want to be able to choose it from some sort of drop down like when i am setting a link inside a blog post and wordpress offers you the selection of all posts you already wrote.

    3.: Line separators between one post and another on the newsletter. (by choice)
    4.: Easy insertion of Like or Follow buttons.
    5.: Social Links should be drag and drop too.

    Newsletters are maybe the most important comunication tool an online business uses to comunicate with its clients the way this plugin is designed right now is like stage 0.1.

    this plugin needs alot of work to compete with other free or partially free solutions out there and is not yet at stage : Awesome

    I hope that improvements will be made to it especially to the Create Newsletter part.

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