How can I change what is posted to FaceBook


I have the autopost feature on, but what it actually posts is poor, it doesn't entice engagement and serves no purpose in it's current state...

The generated Facebook post on my page wall has the title of my blog post along with a box showing the featured pic, if there is one, next to the title of the post again (linked to the post) and then the tag line for my site underneath that.

So, as it is, not engaging in anyway.

The tag line for my site means absolutely nothing when used as a tagline for a title of a post.

There's nothing else to read.

The first few lines of the post would be good, better still the actual defined excerpt.

The whole point of the post to the wall is to notify and engage a response.

This part of the plugin doesn't do either.

How can I change what is posted please - so I can engage the reader in making a decision to click the link and read the post on my blog?