How can I clone settings from one site to another?

Hello there!

We are using Pro Sites + New Blog Templates to pre-configure settings for new websites (install WooCommerce, configure plugins, pages, etc.).

We have created a Default Blog for New Blog's and we're constantly fixing errors and configurations.

Questions: A lot of new blogs have been created. We have fixed something on the Default Blog and we want to update all blogs on the network, but keep some of their configurations.
Example: We created a new pack of pages and want to replicate them on all blogs on network.

We tried to use Blog Cloner, but we just realized this will overwrite everything on the destination website.

Is there a way we can make small updates to all websites on a network, without overwriting personal details?

Thank's for your help! :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Urbano,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    All the sites created with Pro Site and New Blog Templates are separate sites so any update made to a blog template will not affect already existing site. Whether it would be possible to update these pages or not depends mostly on what kind of update would you like to perform. Let me go through some examples:

    1. Add/enable new plugins or change plugin's/site settings

    This has to be done "manually" on "per site" base. It may also be possible to create a dedicated tool that would affect particular set of plugins/settings but it would have to be custom developed specifically for your setup.

    2. Remove plugins

    If this should affect all sites in the network you can simply remove the plugin via "Network Admin -> Plugins" page. If this however should affect some sites only, you'd need to change it manually on "per site" base; Changes made to blog template and/or via Pro Sites will affect new sites only.

    3. Content updates

    A Multisite Content Copier plugin may be of help. Actually, it can even copy plugins so it may be even more useful for you (in relation to point 1 and 2) so please take a look here:

    I think then this option would be the closest to what you need to achieve. If this doesn't cover all your needs, I think you will need some custom developed solution in addition to it.

    Best regards,

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