How can I confirm the likes are appearing?

I'm trying out the Pay With a Like plugin on this page:

I've tried the FB and G+ buttons and while clicking them releases the content, it DOESN'T post a like to my FB or G+ account.

I tried waiting overnight just in case there was some sort of propagation delay, but no luck.

PWAL settings on that page are:

Enabled: Always enabled.
Effective status: Enabled.
Method: Use selection tool.
Effective method: Use selection tool.
Excerpt length: (blank)

My selection tool covers the correct region (it's just a shortcode) and reads:

[pwal id="39806074" description="Toss us a 'like' to read the rest of the story!"]

I installed the end tag at the bottom.

Troubleshooting advice would be helpful! 8)