How can I costumize Default theme plugin for marketpress & framemarket ???


I want use frame market theme and marketpress, but ;

when I use default theme or new blog template, its copy just default frame market,what ? was download exactly,

it’s not copy what I designed in framemarket ( I mean colors, backgraund, and other details….) How I can fix this problem??

I want use just 1 theme for users, and dont wanna show all backgraund dashboard, I want make just easy way for them, they will create new sub site and when will go to dashboard there is will wait them just some easy steps, add image logo, site title and thats all; !!! after they can start to upload their products to their site, I dont want , they will lost time for create new site design, how can I fix it someone can explain me this please ??? just I need fix it… Child theme? create a new plugin? or there is a easy way for to do it??? Help please…


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi @ongun

    Thank you for being a member of our Community and for your questions.

    From what I can understand you would like to create an Etsy style site where members can have their own shops. So you have a Multisite setup, correct?

    First of all, to use the FrameMarket child theme called GridMarket you need to access the wp-contents/themes folder. Do you have access to ftp? If not, I would highly recommend that you use an ftp client like Filezilla (just click the green download button to install).

    Once you’ve got access to the wp-contents/themes folder, you will see the FrameMarket theme folder. Inside wp-content/themes/framemarket you’ll find another directory entitled themes with the GridMarket folder. Move this folder to the same wp-content/themes directory to match framemarket as shown below:

    BEFORE: wp-content/themes/framemarket/themes/gridmarket

    AFTER: wp-content/themes/gridmarket

    Now you can customize your theme. You have to go to the WP Dashboard for your main site. You will find the theme options by going to WP Admin Dashboard » Appearance » Theme Options.

    Once you’ve set up the site the way you would like it to look for your members you can use our New Blog Templates plugin and also the Easy Blogging plugin to help your members set up their sites easily.

    You may also be interested in reading this article:

    How to make e-shop like etsy?

    Any Etsy Examples Yet?

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Have a great day!


  • ongun
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    Hi gina thanks for answer quickly, I will fallow your details.

    But there is diffrent things for me, first of all when I try use this default theme and NBT plugins, these are not working for any theme!!!!

    not exactly about frame or grid market!

    I was upload and activated another themes and created new design in this themes but doesnt work, in any theme

    when I am looking sub site there is just default design…. I dont know why its not show my colors or backgrounds or someth?ng else what I am missing there???

    this is my first problem….. I need help here first of all……!

    After this I can fallow your details about gridmarket….

    and there is also will come new problem because I dont know there is a way because I read in support forum marketpress work only with grid market!!!

    But I wanna use my theme, there is a possible use child theme and add grid market to my theme and use it???

    I mean : I wanna use for main site another custom theme….. and if there is a way for subdomains also;

    or for sub domains just will use grid market theme .!!!

    I dont know how I will fix all of it… I have free time I am working exactly for just do this…. if somebody can give me good information I will fix it and hope will be best site with marketpress :grinning:


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi @ongun

    I understand that you must be frustrated. I believe the language barrier might also be a bit of an issue here.

    Tell you what, why not join one of our Live Chats for WordPress/BuddyPress and ask as many questions as you wish and one of our team can answer you immediately and troubleshoot with you.

    Plugins and Code

    Themes and Design

    General WordPress and BuddyPress

    I will go through your post again and try to see if I can come up with any further advice that I haven’t already covered in my first post.

    Have a good day!


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