How can I costumize Default theme plugin for marketpress & framemarket ???


I want use frame market theme and marketpress, but ;

when I use default theme or new blog template, its copy just default frame market,what ? was download exactly,

it’s not copy what I designed in framemarket ( I mean colors, backgraund, and other details….) How I can fix this problem??

I want use just 1 theme for users, and dont wanna show all backgraund dashboard, I want make just easy way for them, they will create new sub site and when will go to dashboard there is will wait them just some easy steps, add image logo, site title and thats all; !!! after they can start to upload their products to their site, I dont want , they will lost time for create new site design, how can I fix it someone can explain me this please ??? just I need fix it… Child theme? create a new plugin? or there is a easy way for to do it??? Help please…