How can I create a blog page in Studio Theme where all my posts will show up?

I no longer want my posts to show up on the homepage -- I just want a link to a general blog page, where all my categories show up. Some users may wish to permalink to the this blog page rather than the homepage. But it doesn't seem as if a separate blog page is native to the theme.

  • Andre Foisy

    Hello @ ken_edelstein,

    Thank you for contacting our support team and for your question.

    I hope you are having a great day! :slight_smile:

    What you need to do accomplish that is create a new page titled Blog. You do not need to add anything else in the text area. Also in the right column in the Page Attributes section, choose the Blog News template and publish that page as is.

    Create another new page titled Home, but this time choose the full width template and publish it as well. Since this will be your home page you will need to edit it and add whatever you want to appear on your home page.

    Now, lastly, go to Settings -> Reading and at the top of the page Front Page Display tick on A static page, and select Home as your Home Page and Blog as your Posts Page. Saves changes. That's it.

    From your home page you can link to your Blog as you wish from the page content and from the menu. You will want to list your categories on the blog's sidebar by adding a Categories widget in Appearance -> Widgets and add a Categories widget to the Sidebar Blog.

    That should all make it. :slight_smile:

    Let me know if you have any more questions I'll be glad to help.

    Best regards,

  • ken_edelstein

    Thanks Andre. Very helpful.

    I was able to set up the blog page, the way you suggested.

    I hesitated set of a separate homepage the way you suggested because I'd already set up the homepage by simply keeping it on "latest posts" but putting setting the number of posts at "0." That's not the way I should have done it, is it?

    if I published a new Home page and changed the Front Page Display setting to "static page," would I lose all my settings from my current home page and have to do them over again? I know the way I did it was wrong -- will it create problems?

    One other question. How can I get a header on the blog page: something like: "The RenewATL blog"?

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