How can I create a sign up process like edu blogs?


I am loving your plugin, but have one question.

When I use edu blogs, the process is thus:

1. Enter all my details on the one page, including password.

2. Click ‘Start bloggin’ and I am taken to anther page with my blog URL, username and password.

3. Then I click ‘ Login to your new blog’ and I am taken directly to the blog, without having to enter my username or password.

This is what I want my site to do. At the moment, I have two screens to enter all the info, then once it’s done I still have to login. I want to enter all my info on one screen, create my blog, then enter with no extra login screen.

I am using the don’t verify email plugin and the pay to blog module, so the next screen after then login the need to pay.

Any advice would be welcome. I don’t mind having to pay someone to custom code if needed, or if I need to buy gravity form dev.