How can I do this with Pro Sites & Affiliates

I would like to do something a bit different with my mu network, and need to know if I can do this, if I need to customize etc.

I want to offer (2) kinds of affiliate programs. The first is for affiliate marketers that are not part of my sites user base. They would sign up for an account at the root of the site, and get banners and links like traditional affiliates. They’d make money for signups after the initial free trial, and paid by doing a mass upload to Paypal monthly to their paypal accounts. So far, all this seems doable with Affiliates i think.

Then, I want to have a different affiliate scheme for my site users as this will be tailored to local business owners. I would like them to be able to refer their fellow business owners, but without the complexity of urls, etc – ’cause that’s not really the world these folks live in. I was thinking more something that had a “points” or “coins” system. They could refer folks via word of mouth, and I ask for referring person / business at sign up. Successful conversion and I manually deposit these points or coins into their account.

The business owners with sites could then spend these points for premium themes, add-ons, apply to offset that month’s “pay to blog” charge, or even spend with me for custom development (I simply debit their account of coins). I could also use those for promotions like site-of-the month awards in points / coins, etc. Also avoids problems with reversing charges for any reason – can simply re-add points/coins back to account. Think of it as a wallet….

So, my questions are:

1.) Can I accomplish this with Pro-Sites, Affiliates and any other necessary plugins as they exist today?

2.) Do I need to customize something – Affiliates? Pro-Sites? Both?

3.) If I need to customize, do you have a list of recommended developers with experience with these plugins and wpmu?