How can I easily convert a regular wordpress plugin into a WPMU compatible plugin


I have some plugins which are basically meant for single site WordPress installations. Now, I want to convert them so that I can use/deploy them as WPMU-compatible plugins.

How do I do this? Is there any easy/quick way to convert a single-site wordpress plugin(or theme) into a WPMU compatible plugin(or theme)?



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    Well, there isn’t quite a quick and easy way. But often you’ll find that a standard plugin will be able to network activate on WordPress Multisite and will be applied to each site individually. Is this what you’re looking for? Or do you mean a plugin that is compatible with the WPMU DEV Dashboard?

  • Alexander
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    If a plugin works with the latest version of WordPress, you should be able to Network activate it and not have problems with it running on Multisite. It all depends on the plugin itself, and what it was designed to do. Some plugins could require a large amount of code to be rewritten. But generally, smaller plugins work fine when they’re probably designed to use WordPress action and filter hooks.

    Are there any instances where you’re having trouble with specific plugins?

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