How can I encorporate a Blog theme into my website blog?

I would like to use a blogging theme on the blog on the website, but I have not been able to figure that out. I also need some general help from anyone who would be able to help via skype or oovoo trying to make the facebook app make the feed work, the app is complete, also just some general questions that I would like live help with. Thank you for anyone who can help. My skype id is justmucky. Thank you.

  • jameswilliams90
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    @marci_chatfield I think there are at least two ways to do this, but the fundamentals are each site can have only one theme.

    If you want a different theme for the site and another theme for the blog then you will need to create two sites. Establishing your site as a multi-site install will allow you to do this.

    If you are simply looking for a page on your existing site (with your existing theme) that displays blog posts then this should be fairly simple to sort out.

    Let us know which theme you are using, and if possible provide a link to who you got it from, and I’d be happy to provide you some written guidance.

    If this is not what you are after then you may need to be more specific about what you’re needing.



  • Tamy Blanding
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    @jamesdunn I am using the twentyeleven theme from WordPress Development Themes, I would just like a border or something pretty in black and white like a frame around the blog. Also, I still cannot get the FB feed to come through. Have the App working but the feed is not coming through. Feel free to contact me via email at, or email me for phone number, I really need to get this site up and need some help to finish up doing the few things I have to do. Love WordPress so far, but the most frustrating thing is trying to get help. Thank you.

    I do to to the live support, most times no one is there at all.

    Marcia Chatfield

  • jameswilliams90
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Marcia,

    I appreciate better what you are asking for here, but to customize particular parts of your theme requires a developer with understanding of style sheets (CSS). This is probably not a huge piece of work, but unfortunately I’m not a developer…

    Another alternative might be to use a WPMU theme and then ask for assistance with specific customisations. I’m sure you can appreciate it will be easier for developers to provide CSS assistance with their own WPMU themes.

    I think the key is to be as specific as you can be about what you have, and what you want to change… this will give you a specific request for which you can get a specific response.

    For assistance with a non-development solution I’d suggest using Multisite with two separate sites (one for the main site, and a second for the blog). That way you can use a completely different theme for each.

    If you’ve got a specific question about Facebook plugin not working then ask that separately and I’m sure either I or someone else on the forum will have come across the same issue and can assist. Be as specific as you can be about what you have done, what you are seeing and what you expect to see.

    While this is probably not the response you hoped for, I hope it still provides you some assistance to help you get the job done.



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