How can I enjoy WPMUdev when it is like this?

Have been so annoyed at the new site theme for WPMU, so much so that I am very close to cancelling my membership. I spend most of my time away from home, and my main reading device is my iPhone. The old site theme was perfect in that I could enjoy the luxury of reading the forums, chiming in when I can, reading new updates on the changelogs. These were some things I just enjoyed doing, and being a member for awhile now, and paying my $80 month seemed not too bad for something I enjoyed.

Now, I hate it more than ever, I feel my $80 is being wasted away... I can no longer read the forums and enjoy being part of the community in the way I used to. I had reported the problem to staff via email, and they said they are on it to make a fix. Is it fixed? Nope..

This is my rant, and below is a screenshot of what I have to enjoy/endure when reading on my iPhone (not pleasant). I feel that I should be credited a couple of months.