How can I get (call) the default og:image ?

I have a plug in that overrides the default featured image that I set in SEO Smartcrawl. The plugin's developers gave me some PHP to put in my functions.php file to fix this and add it manually. Please let me know how can I get (call) the default og:image that is set in the SmartCarwl settings, so I could add it inside the custom PHP code.

  • Ivan
    • Developer

    Hi Marc Kreidler !

    Unfortunately, you can't call it anytime because this meta-tag should be echoed into the HEAD section of a page. Wordpress use wp_head action for it and our plugin uses it with low priority 50 ( it means that it will run after other calls with higher priority ).
    So, it depends on how that plugin overrides it. In brief, the has_post_thumbnail( $post ) function should return empty value in time when the wp_head action run. Maybe you should apply that code to this hook?

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