How can I get the MarketPress shopping cart to accept order quantities with a decimal place (3.5, fo

My website sells prints of art in custom sizes. Because of this, I need the flexibility to allow customers to enter an order quantity that is not a whole number, as orders are being placed in square feet, based on the size of the original picture.

This means that if a customer would like to order a print of a picture, that is 3.75 square feet in size (18" tall by 30" wide), my cart needs to be able to accept an order quantity of 3.75. As a natural extension of this requirement, the math done by the shopping cart, must also be correct.

Currently, if I enter an order quantity of 3.75, the shopping cart automatically enters an order quantity of 3 and then bases the cost per unit on the cost of 3 square feet, instead of 3.75 square feet.

Please help.

  • Tawne

    Good suggestion. However, this concept violates the flexibility required to offer "custom" prints. By definition, this means that the size is not predetermined.

    To offer "custom" prints of any size, the shopping cart must be able to enter an order quantity that is not a whole number (ie, 3.5, for example). I say this, because I can't possibly program every possible picture size that exists on the planet into a drop-down menu. It isn't possible, because a new size may be created tomorrow. I also doubt that anyone even knows every possible picture size that exists on the planet. Additionally, if I were to attempt to do this, the drop-down list would be so long and cumbersome that I would never expect a customer to locate his/her correct size.

    I have no problem building forms and creating a drop down menu within the form to offer specific sizes, in fact I have already done this for the stock pictures that I own, for which I sell prints. Again, however, these are not "custom" prints with sizes determined by the customer.

    If I am not able to correct this issue, I fear that my only option will be to artifically inflate the price of "custom" service, to cover the financial loss that I would incur every time the shopping cart automatically rounded an order quantity down, thus causing the cart to charge the customer less money, at the time of the sale. Please note that this is a bad option, because it forces my price to be higher than those offered by competitors.

    And, if it helps, here are two pages from my site that illustrate the examples I provided above:

    1. - to view the custom print page. This page contains a drop-down menu for the type of material on which a customer may choose to put a print, but requires an order quantity of a non whole (fraction of a) number.

    2. - to view a shopping cart page that sells an existing print, with predetermined sizes, which I offer through a controlled drop-down menu.

    As previously mentioned, any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @Tawne

    I can't possibly program every possible picture size that exists on the planet into a drop-down menu.

    Very true that. And I didn't catch the importance of "custom sizes".

    The issue with the system as it exists currently is when the client is required to divide by 144 to get the square footage. More often that not, that will result in fractions.

    Instead of square footage then, how about adjusting your pricing for square inches? Invariably, that would be a whole integer.

    12" x 18" = 216
    18" x 30" = 540

  • Tawne

    I wish I would have thought of that myself, but instead I must thank you for the brilliant suggestion.

    I will simply make your suggested change and convert the order quantity to square inches. If this somehow results in a fraction, that fraction will represent such a small portion of picture size, that the impact on cost will be negligible (of no real concern).

    Additionally, this solution will be more simple and will speed up the process of ordering custom prints, because less math is required.

    I appreciate your creativity, time and knowledge.

    Thank you.

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