How can I give each member their own editable, super-snazzy profile page?

I am building a community membership site.

Each member needs to have their own super-snazzy profile page. I mean, super-duper snazzy. I’m not talking about the My Profile area in BuddyPress.

I’m talking about each member getting their very own page (or custom post type) composed of custom fields pulled from their wp user profile, formatted super-duper snazzy (with fontawesome icons and parallax) and editable by the member via Gravity Forms or some such. (And all the edits they make are written back into their wp user profile… so that their wp user profile, BuddyPress My Profile and super-duper snazzy profile page are all in sync.)

I’m thinking that since each super-duper snazzy profile page is a custom post type, then I will be able to create a targeted search button just for those posts. Then non-members will be able to search (and browse) for those super-duper snazzy profile pages (even though they are locked out of the community).

Is this doable?

Is this the right way to go about this?

Or do you have a better idea of how to do this?

And the big kahuna… how do I do this? What are the steps?


El Ron