How can I give specific role user the ability to edit users for a subsite

Hi I was following this thread here:
which works perfect on my site.

My issue is that I have another very important role, and designed several permissions related to it,so I would need if possible that a specific role would be able to edit sub-site users.

My sub site user is 'profissional' (not a typo here).
This profissional user has almost all admin capabilities.

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    Hello Ash, thanks for your answer!

    May I share a setting a setting I found deep inside User Role Editor, without it just changing capabilities per role did not work work.

    I was confused because Role Editor has 2 settings pages. One for the own plugin, in Settings -> User Role Editor. In single sites, its location is simply in Settings -> User Role Editor. In Multisites can be found on Network -> Settings, you will not find it on sub-site admin menu.

    The other is under Users -> User Role Editor, for both multisites and single sites.

    For multisites, you must select Settings -> User Role Editor Options -> Multisites : Allow non super administrators to create, edit, and delete users.

    In my case, a multisite, just adding capabilities over users (edit, delete, etc) to a role, even to admin (using the role editor under Users -> User Role Editor) , didn´t work until I checked this multisite option.

    Hope this can be useful.

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