how can I have my blog home page in a different page

Hi guys my best wishes for this upcoming 2015!

I have a question I am sure you guys know the answer...

I have a theme which uses a great layout for posts. Now this beautiful layout of the posts only shows when I set my blog as my home page.

I would like to have a static page as my home page and then have the beautiful blog home page in different categories, not only in the home page.

How can I accomplish that? Is there a way for me to copy the blog template and add it in another template page or something like that?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, BePresence!

    Yes, that's exactly it, you're on the right track. I think I can walk you through the rest of the process here. :slight_smile:

    First off - if you're not already using a child theme, this might be a good time to start. That way, any template files we might need to edit will be safe even after the theme updates again. Here's a great guide on creating a child theme:

    Now, we need to find which template in your theme is creating the lovely and amazing blog page, and which template(s) is(are) creating the archive pages. The good news, the templates should have names that make it fairly obvious what they do. (index.php or blog.php or something similar will be your front page, likely, and archives almost always have "archive" in the title.

    If you're familiar with PHP, even if you can't write it, you should be able to parse the different sections of the file to know what each one does. In most cases, you should be able to simply copy the post-generating (known as the Loop) contents of the php file that's making your pretty blog posts and paste them over the current contents of your archive file.

    Here's an overview of templates that might help:

    Thanks, BePresence!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Be Presence!

    You'll need to create a new template to use as your category archive.

    Create a new document with a plain text editor, like Notepad. Call it category.php.

    This will be your category template, and WordPress already knows to look for it if a reader clicks one of your blog category links. (magic! sort of!)

    This page from the Codex will explain how the file works.

    Since we're going to try to copy your fancy blog page, this is about to get super, super easy. You can copy the entire file for your blog page into your new category.php page. Upload it to your wp-content/themes/yourtheme directory.

    Test by clicking on any category name that's hyperlinked. You should get a page with all posts from that category in order from newest to oldest, formatted like your blog page. (yahoo!)

    You may still need to do some small tweaks to make everything looks just how you'd like, but this should make it all work for you.

    Thanks BePresence! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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