How can I have ProSites use an alternate signup/registration form?

I have created a custom signup/registration page using GravityForms. How can I hook into ProSites to use this alternate form rather than the WordPress or Pro Sites signup form?

What needs to happen when the form is submitted (Reserve Site) to continue with the Pro Sites process.

I have tried Sybre “New Unofficial Plugin for integrating Pro Sites and Gravity Forms” but I am looking to do a substantially simpler “integration” and just want to use the custom form. (In Sybre’s plugin you need to setup the pricing and periods within it rather than within Pro Sites.)

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    This will need quite a bit of edits to the current work flow. Ideally this is how I’d approach this if I were you.

    1) Remove all filters / actions that pro sites latches on to from the default WP hooks.

    2) Study the functions you are detaching, make a note of all calls to other pro sites functions

    3) Create a static Pro Sites class object and use that in your code and call the above noted functions from the object in you custom code.

    4) Call your code on the form submitted callbacks of Gravity .



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